We at Great Beginnings Preschool hope that this Parent Manual will answer most of your questions about our policies and procedures.  We have tried to include as much practical information as possible.  Please ask a staff member for any information we may have omitted.  We are here to serve you as well as your child.


As parents, you know your child better than anyone.  You understand your child’s unique needs, talents, interests, fears and pleasures.  You know your child’s likes, dislikes, allergies and favorite foods. 


Great Beginnings Preschool programs emphasize educational activities which nurture social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth in children.  We as teachers will encourage your child to grow and develop at their own rates. 


Together, Great Beginnings and your family make a team:

We look forward to working as a team with you and your child!


Great Beginnings Philosophy


A quality preschool setting is a happy, inviting, safe and stimulating environment for children.  It is a place for a child to be free of unnecessary tension and anxiety.  In order to provide this environment, we as preschool owners and teachers are committed to supply constant opportunities for children in our care to learn through play.


We invite and encourage children to think creatively, to use all of their senses, to become involved in every faucet of learning.  We do this through play.  Play provides an opportunity for children to develop their own interests, to be spontaneous and creative to explore in response to their own needs and curiosity and to do all these things at their own pace.


Play is fundamental to the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and mental growth of the child.  Furthermore, the end result is of less significance than the process itself.  It is through the process of play that the child derives the most benefit and enjoyment.


Your child will come to Great Beginnings a puzzle, holding the promise of a beautiful picture.  The early years of child hood are a time of sorting out the many pieces of this human puzzle:



Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is not mandatory at Great Beginnings Preschool, but if parents are available and would like to join us in the daily classroom routine on occasion, they are welcome.  A roster will be placed near the classroom door for this purpose.  We are unable to accommodate younger siblings on you volunteer day.


We would like to encourage parents to share their talents:  special art project, carpentry, cooking, playing of a musical instrument, reading a story.





A child’s first experience away from home can be difficult.  Feelings of anticipation and excitement are mixed with fear and apprehension.


The first step in orienting your child to our school involves a brief visit, accompanied by one or both parents.  This is an occasion to leave siblings with a friend or relative, as this day should belong to the child about to embark on this new adventure.  The visit should last about one-half hour.  This will be a happy, relaxed visit when he/she can play with toys, locate their coat hook, meet the teachers, use the bathroom and explore the environment sheltered by the umbrella of parental security. 


First Full Day

The image of crying children clinging to parents on the first day of school is totally unnecessary.  Your child may cry when you leave, but in most cases, the tears will end as soon as the parent turns the corner.  Try to relax.  We will not let your child have a prolonged, unhappy experience.  If it seems extra time and help is needed in making the transition, we will call you to make a plan together.


When you leave, please go with a smile and a cheerful, “I’ll see you later!”  Many parents keep going back for one more kiss-reassuring their children over and over, when it might be the parent needing more reassurance!


Uncertainty on your part can hinder your child’s normal adjustment.  In all probability, you child will love our school and look forward to coming each day.




Drop- off and Pick-up 

Parents must accompany children directly to the classroom and sign them in and out each day.  When dropping off or picking up your child, do not leave an unattended child in your car.  Please take the extra time to bring other children into the school as your child and teacher may have something to

share with you.  Your child may be in the middle of an important activity and not emotionally ready to drop everything immediately.


Teachers will make every attempt to have projects completed well before pick up times.

We ask you as parents to please inform your child’ teacher if there are any changes in the pick-up routine.  Your child’s dismissal may be delayed if prior notice and information have not been given to the teacher.


Snack Program

Snack will be provided by parents on a rotating basis with a snack calendar distributed to your child every four to five weeks.  The snack program will follow the Canada’s Food Guide and allow for two food groups to be served every day.


The snack calendar sent home will also state allergies of the children in the class.  Please carefully check for any allergies before sending your snack.


If our snack program does not accommodate your child’s allergies or special diet, please contact your child’s teacher and other arrangements will be made.


The goals of our snack program are:




Behaviour and guidance shall be based on an understanding of the individual needs and development of each child.  The goal will be to maximize the growth and development of the children and to protect the group and the individuals within it.


Within every preschool setting appropriate guide lines must be set to ensure the safety and well being of all the children.  As preschool owners and teachers we must expect the children to test these given guidelines in order for them to understand the reasoning behind the rules.  Through this process of constant testing the children are learning the cause and effect they will have upon themselves and others around them.  This is a very obvious example of how the knowledge that we gather as children goes on with us throughout a lifetime. 


Our philosophy is to work with children in a positive way.  Positive reinforcement on a daily basis will be used to encourage appropriate behavior in the classroom.


A simple statement of expectation may be sufficient to stop inappropriate behavior.

If a child continues to behave in an undesirable manner, he/she will be redirected to a more appropriate behavior.  If the redirection is ineffective, the teacher will discuss the behavior with the child and aid the child in identifying an appropriate solution


In event of continued misbehavior, the child may then be removed from the activity or group for a short period of time.  This would be a time out, of approximately three minutes.  At the end of this time activities and groupings have usually reformed and the child will happily rejoin activities.


Efforts are made to ensure that the child understands that it’s his/her behavior that is inappropriate and that he/she is not ”bad”.

You will be informed of a continuing problem and your help and suggestions will be welcomed.





When your child will be absent, please call the school as early as possible.  If your child has a contagious illness, let us know so that we can alert other parents to look for symptoms in their children.


Changes in Schedule 

We understand changes in everyone’s schedule; however children like continuity and sometimes find changes very upsetting.  Please inform your child’s teacher when you have a disruption in your schedule, such as: new baby sitter, upcoming holiday etc.



One month’s written notice is required if you are withdrawing your child, or a month’s fee will be forfeited in lieu thereof.

There will be a $20.00 administration fee for any NSF cheques.


Fire Drills/Evauation/Emergency Procedures

For safety of our children at Great Beginnings we will have practice fire drills monthly throughout the year Teachers will make every attempt to teach preparedness, to encourage children to exit in a quiet, calm and orderly manner.


Arrangements have been made with Haultain Memorial School, which is a short distance from the Community Center, should Great Beginnings be forced to evacuate the building.  Parents will be notified.


 In the event of a medical emergency, your child would be transported to Deer Valley Emergency Clinic.  Parents will be notified.


For security purposes the upstairs door will be locked prior to 8:50 A.M. and 12:50 P.M.  The door at the top of the stairs will be locked during class times, until 11:15 A.M. and 3:15 P.M.  If you need to pick up your child early, please let us know ahead of time.  In case of emergency, phone 225-2419 and leave a message.  We leave the volume turned on so if it is an emergency we can attend to it immediately.




Good Health

Only children in good health should be brought to school.  When a child develops signs of illness during the day, parents will be asked to pick up the child immediately.  Do not ask us to keep a child inside because of a cold or other illness, except for recuperation from bronchitis or pneumonia, as ordered by a physician.


Children in our programs will play outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting.  Parents are responsible for sending children to the school in adequate clothing and footwear to maintain good health during outdoor play in all suitable weather conditions, including normal winter temperatures.  A child who is too sick to go outside is too sick to be in a social situation with other children.

When parents keep sick children at home and out of school all of the children and their families benefit from better health.



All Great Beginnings staff has a valid Canadian Red Cross Emergency Child Care and C.P.R. certificate and will supply first aid if required.


If your child requires prescribed medication, please send it to school in the original, labeled container.  If your child requires an over the counter medication, please label the front of the bottle with your child’s name, amount to be given and circumstances to be administered. 


An authorization form is required for any medication that your child needs to be administered.

Please ensure that your child’s teacher is fully aware of procedures of be followed.


Accidents and Emergencies 

In the event of an accident or illness the teacher will notify;

  1. Mother
  2. Father
  3. Emergency contact person or Deer Valley Medical Centre

If your child requires emergency attention, 911 will be contacted before the parent.





We ask that you do not send in toys from home.  Children become upset if their toys are lost or broken. It is also difficult for staff to keep track of those treasures and can result in an upset child.



Birthdays are special.  Great Beginnings will celebrate each child’s birthday.  Teachers will schedule snack calendars marking special dates to celebrate and parents are encourage to bring a special snack.



Play clothes which are washable, comfortable and easy to slip on and off are the most suitable for your child’s play experiences.  Running shoes must be worn inside.  Please label all extra pieces of clothing brought to the school.  We suggest extra pieces of clothing be brought to the school in a knapsack.  Children often become worried if they have accidents and are more comfortable in their own clothing.


Thank you for selecting Great Beginnings!




Please sign the following form stating that you have read and understand the policies in the Parent Handbook and therefore agree to those policies.


I _______________________ parent or guardian to


__________________ I have read and agree to policies as outlined in the Parent Handbook including the Behavioural Management Section.