Great Beginnings Preschool

3 year olds

Two day- Tuesday and Thursday 9AM-11:30AM

Two day - Tuesday and Thursday 12:15PM-2:45PM

4 year olds

Three Day- Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9AM-11:30AM

Four day = Monday- Thursday 12:15PM-2:45PM

Our Day In a Nutshell

Table Time:

Each class begins with table time. “Small motor” activities are set out on the tables so that the children can begin immediately upon arrival. These activities include puzzles, writing materials, pegboards, stacking and sorting games and small building pieces. The children have a chance to work independently or together while they chat with their friends and teachers.

Circle Time:

During this group time, we discuss our theme and special events. The “special helper” updates the daily calendar and the weather chart. We sing theme based songs and music.Over the course of the year, the children are exposed to many songs, games and musical activities with voice, picture books, instruments and recorded music.We read a story that is usually theme related. We also work on basic concepts such as colours, shapes numbers and letters.  

Arts and Crafts:

The children have the opportunity to work with a variety of different craft materials in an open-ended fashion. We focus on the process, not the end product, so what they make is not as important as the creative process itself. The children will experiment with paper and scissors, paint and glue, crayons and dozens of different kinds of craft materials.  

Learning Centers:

The children are welcome to move freely around the room to choose any of the games, equipment, or to play with their friends. This period of socialization is a very important part of the program. The children learn to share, cooperate and build friendships. Our learning centers include a dramatic play center, reading area, listening and science center, painting easels, water table, building blocks, rice table, computer and rotating theme center


After tidy up time, the children wash their hands in preparation for a snack that the special helper has provided for the class.  

Gym/ Games:

Each day, the children have gym/game time. They participate in group games and activities, both indoors and outdoors when possible, using a variety of equipment.  ...back to top